Past Adventures

  • Ensuring we have lived the life we love requires us to look for treasure in every moment.

  • This is a beautiful ceremonial space created in a natural amphitheatre with rocks collected from the immediate mountain area. It is in Citrusdal in the Western Cape in South Africa and can be seen from google earth.

  • How does one become The Howl? Actioning the yearning of passion from ones heart. A Giant Wolf head made of Port Jackson and twine. This was a remarkable lesson trusting materials. Who knew that twine and sticks could be so strong? This has stood for 2 years in Citrusdal, South Africa.

  • Abracadabra - 'I create as I speak'.

  • The village feast, a collaborative, inclusive and interactive art installation based around food and provenance.

  • Ikstingkt: Horny Alive and Free. Larger than life-size cardboard beasts.

  • X Here2016

    You are treasure right where you are. This giant golden X was an land art installation at Afrikaburn 2016. It is a follow on from the concept of being 'The Pirate of Your Life. X marks the spot where you stand. Where you stand is pure treasure.


It is HARVEST time! A time when we reap what we sow; celebrate; and take time to consider what to sow for our next season.

HARVEST is a collaborative, inclusive and interactive art installation based around food and provenance. It is THE VILLAGE FEAST in the city. It is established on the process of giving, growing, experimenting, shifting perspectives and celebrating every aspect that one chooses to place in our lives.

The result is an abundant, celebratory feast of delicious, home grown food produced by a variety of people depending on what their current adventure is. There is always an element of unknown that adds an enchanted feel warm surprise to these events.


nix davies1

Nix Davies

"Through the mystery of navigating the unknown we are able to wondrously unravel our hearts to expose their true nature.“

Nix Davies is a collaborative, conceptual artist that explores possibilities that arise from consciously stepping into and existing in the unknown. She creates and produces large-scale experiential spaces, events and artworks that ordinarily are impossible to create alone. Nix initiates, instigates and ignites concepts by establishing a platform that require others to step up, risk, interact and belong to the process alongside her. This requires Nix to co-create; manage individuals and groups; and produce an over all piece of work by consciously making or facilitating a series of choices of best possible solutions for specific moments.

Nix often embarks on ‘life installations’ that showcase the emerging and developing of concepts along an ordinarily unknown journey. It is while living and navigating these spaces that she breathes ideas to life.

  • Nix Davies is the founder of The School Of Innovation.
  • Nix ran a collaborative, changing, working space called Let There Be Light in Woodstock for four years at the Woodstock Industrial Centre and Side Street Studios.
  • Nix has recently moved to a farm outside Citrusdal in the Western Cape where she has created Howl from Your Heart and the Hexagon Ceremonial Space.


Nix Davies Conceptual Artist

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